About Trustap & How it Works

Take a look at the following video to get an idea of how Trustap can work for you:

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Some of the topics that were mentioned in the video are described in more detail on our FAQs page.

Our Story

Meet the Trustap team leaders:

Conor Lyden

Founder & CEO

My story with Trustap began in 2016 when I was heading over to watch a soccer match in the UK. I had my flights and accommodation booked but I missed the general sale of the tickets direct from the club. I eventually found a  (more…)

Kevin O’Leary


I joined the Trustap team in late 2016, I graduated from BIS in University College Cork in October 2016 and I had been studying Financial Technology as part of my Masters Degree when Conor approached me with his (more…)

Rachel O’Leary


I’m in charge of running the the Trustap Marketing Department. I’m also not related to Kevin despite having the same last name! We have an absolutely brilliant marketing team that mainly deals with various different digital (more…)




Trustap’s payments are powered by Stripe, the world’s most secure payment system. Find out (more…)

Post Offices & Courier Companies

Trustap is compatible with all major courier companies and post offices, provided they offer a tracked service (more…)

Amazon Web Services


Amazon web services are Trustap’s technology partners. They ensure that Trustap operates in the most secure (more…)


I used to never buy tickets for concerts from someone I didn’t know online, even if that meant missing out on better value tickets and having to pay really high prices. By using Trustap I can finally go to all the concerts I want to at affordable prices and not be scared of paying for fake tickets.

Faith Topa Music Fanatic

Some of the pairs I buy can be worth $500 plus, but the 1.8% charge is so cheap compared to PayPal and it gives me that extra layer of security too. Using Trustap is a no brainer.

David Reilly Sneaker Collector


Are finding it difficult to understand how the service works? Why not have a look at our About Trustap & How it Works section to see if you can find what you’re looking for?

Are you having a problem with the service or are you unsure of what happens in any given situation? Have you tried looking at some of the frequently asked questions in our Help & FAQs section?

If those sections don’t solve your problem or you have a general query that you want to chat about then feel free to contact us at help@trustap.com and we’ll do our best to help with any of your issues!

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