About us

Trustap is a digital transaction platform that completely protects you from being scammed when you're transacting with someone you don't know.

Our solution was designed to give you peace of mind each time you’re engaging in an online or face-to-face transaction.

Every transaction represents an agreement between a buyer and a seller to exchange goods or a service for payment.

Powered by Stripe’s secure payment technology, Trustap secures the buyer's money in a safe hold account until all the transaction milestones are met and the complaints period elapses. The money is then instantly released to the seller.

Unique, flexible and low-cost, Trustap is compatible across all platforms. Whether you're using a laptop, a phone or a tablet, you can use Trustap to transact with complete peace of mind.

Over 135 countries covered in collaboration with our partners Stripe, Amazon & 640+ couriers worldwide.

The Company

The company was founded in Cork, Ireland in 2017 and is growing quickly, with offices in Ireland, the UK and the US.


Trustap is a company based on honesty and integrity. These are the two main pillars of our company culture. We have a growing team of fun, humble and passionate people who come from very diverse backgrounds yet all have those core values in abundance.

If you think you would be a good fit, why not come and work with us?

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DevOps Engineer

We are looking for an experienced DevOps engineer who will help set up and maintain the infrastructure for our high-traffic platform.

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Front-End Developer (Mobile)

We are looking for a skilled front-end developer who specialises in developing and optimizing mobile applications to join our team.

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Testing / Technical Support Specialist

We are looking for a Technical Support Specialist with product testing experience to help optimize our platform.

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Front-End Developer

We are looking for a passionate front-end developer with Vue.js experience to help set up and maintain attractive and responsive front-end applications for our platform.

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Sales / Client Relations

We are looking for an experienced, highly-motivated sales representative with client relations expertise to help grow our company.

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SEO Expert

We are looking for an SEO expert with marketing experience to help develop our SEO and marketing strategies.

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Didn’t find the right role for yourself here? Think you would be a great addition to the team anyway?

Send us your CV and cover letter and we’ll keep it on file so we can get in touch when the time is right!

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